With grateful hearts we are humbled to announce the opening of Yoga Shala’s 2nd location in Downtown Dearborn’s West Village Commons. 
Serving the Detroit Yoga Community one Shala at a time!
Yoga Teacher Training
January 2020
6 Month Yoga Teacher Training &
Lifestyle Immersion

Share what you love and become a certified yoga instructor.
Yoga Shala's 200hr Teacher Training Program offers depth, community, and transformation. Along side with your lead Instructor you will train with international and local guest teachers.

We invite you to become a student of life! Join us on this awakening journey! Click HERE for more information.

Warm, peaceful atmosphere. At the beginning of each class, by each instructor, participants are asked if anyone has any health concerns, to let them know and modifications are given at the appropriate times. Each student knows that it "is all about them" and the instructor is there to help us get the most from each class. I have been a member for 5 years and look forward to deepening my practice in my life journey at Yoga Shala for many more years. - Janice K.

Yoga shala is a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. I definitely feel
comfortable practicing here. I haven't been practicing regularly, so I was a little shy at first not feeling as flexible as i was before having two babies but Jamie really made me feel comfortable again. I look forward to  being able to be where I
was before. Thank you Jamie! - Jessica G.

I started my journey in yoga several months ago. Thanks to the wonderful
instructors and atmosphere at both shala locations I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Their love for yoga is infectious, their knowledge and skill of teaching all levels of students is amazing. It’s a truly wonderful place to practice. I love what practicing at this studio, with this community of people has brought to my life. would highly recommend it to anyone!!! - Brandon R.
Thank YOU for sharing your yogic journey with us. Your practice is inspiring to us all!
The warmest most inviting staff and fellow clients. I was very nervous to return to my practice following my cancer treatment. I needn't have worried. Jamie and the rest of the staff offer a wide variety of classes to ease my way back in, and I was welcomed from my first visit. I love to mix up the week attending different classes. Give them a try, you will be hooked after the first class! - AnnMarie E.
Yoga Shala is a perfect match for me. Variety of classes and times. Very
knowledgeable and friendly staff. Every practice is better than the last Peaceful and loving environment. - Pat I.

The most inviting and nurturing place. The studio is beautiful and has a
really great energy. Moving to Dearborn Heights and finding this studio has been great in my education and love for yoga. I am so grateful to
attend this studio because Jamie and the instructors have helped further
my passion for yoga. - Hannah K.

I just went to Yoga Shala for the first time this evening. I enjoyed the Yoga Nidra class very much. Kevin made it very nice and relaxing no rush through anything. I will definitely be back. - Abby H.

Love, love, love this place. Yoga Shala and Wellness Center is a very comfortable and welcoming studio. The instructors are encouraging and caring, each with their own “style”. There are yoga classes for every level and every time schedule and special activities and workshops to expand your yoga practice or personal horizons. The location is easy to find. A “must visit” if you are in the area. - Kathy S.

Wow I'm so lucky to have found such a warm and inviting place to practice, grow and expand my knowledge of yoga! Everyone here is so friendly, I feel like I have been blessed with a fabulous family filled with inspirational souls and I love it! - Emily P

Very knowledgeable and extremely friendly staff. They have all made me
feel very comfortable & relaxed as a beginner...taking away the intimidation of being a newbie. Very convenient location for me, variety of class offerings at different levels of experience, and the prices very reasonable. Love this place! - Donna F.

I love practicing at Yoga Shala! The space is beautiful and the instructors are warm and welcoming. With a wide variety of classes and time slots, there is easily something for everyone. My favorite is Shala Flow. -  Amanda W.
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